Exit Blues

by Christopher S. Feltner

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Why have I always been drawn to the Blues? Particularly, early Delta Blues. I spent two years researching the minds behind some of the greatest, rawest and most honest music.

"Exit Blues" is my experimentation with the Delta Blues. Mixing conventional and unconventional approaches to the sacred expression, I hoped to bring out of myself some things that have been hidden. I succeeded.


released February 21, 2017



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Christopher S. Feltner Strasburg, Virginia

Christopher S. Feltner (b. 1978) is an experimentalist based out of Strasburg, VA. His work includes solo and collaborative performances in music, sound, and film.

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Track Name: This is no world for me.
Oh, you should have seen me standing so proud
With all of my friends beside me
But, we stand on hollow ground
People are always talking, but they never make a sound

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But, the things people say kill me
Pointing all fingers and toes
As above, so below

No one wants to believe in God anymore
Until it's their time to go

He said, "Life will not break your heart...it will surely crush it"
I'm inclined to disagree
It's not the world but the people in it

This is no world for me
Track Name: Lord, forgive me.
Lord, forgive me
I'm a tired and sinful man
How many years will I fall until I can no longer get up again?

Father, I'm a child broken
Oh, please take my hand
I'm humbled by your love
Saved by your grace
My eyes burn with tears
My head hung in shame

Lord, I've been trying for so long
Just can't see the light
It's gets hard
Can't quite get it right
Give me the words to speak
An open heart to receive
Let my vision be clear

Lord, forgive me